Below, you will find links to YouTube videos of vocal music performances.  Your task today is to watch and analyse the performances of each video.  Please do your best to look past the audio and video quality as some have been filmed by amateurs. Also, do not assume that my/our way is the "right" way.  Just because a piece is faster, slower, softer, etc does not necessarily make it wrong or worse.  Try and be objective in your comments and limit your responses to musical and performance values.  The list of concepts on which you should comment is below as well.  Please ensure that I know on which performance you are commenting.

  • Performance Values: to include stage presence, interaction between conductor and choir, facial expression, body language, posture, etc.
  • Blend/Balance:  the way in which all parts (SATB) work together.  Are there voices that "stick out"? are the basses too strong? Does the choir all seem to be using the same vowels and placement?
  • Dynamics:  How do the dynamics help to make the piece come alive?  Are there some things that these choirs could do more of dynamically?
  • Pronunciation:  Are the lyrics understandable?  Is there consistency among the choir?  
  • Musical Values: (this should be the bulk of your response)
    • Tone Quality/Purity of Sound
    • Diction (word endings)
    • Phrasing (breathing in consistent, appropriate places)
    • Pitch (are they in tune with each other, the piano, between sections?)
    • Melody (is the melody predominant?)
    • Tempo: (Is/are the tempos appropriate for the selection?)
    • Unity: Does the choir sound and act as a single entity? Unisons?
    • Rhythm: are rhythms consistently handled by the conductor and the choir?


Please comment on the videos/performances linked below:

  1. Song for the Mira (Oxford High School Women's Choir)
  2. Homeward Bound (The Reinhardt University Concert Choir)
  3. Homeward Bound (Bountiful High School Senior Choir)
  4. Song for the Mira (WSU Chamber SIngers)
  5. Closer to the Flame (Singing Out)
  6. Closer to the Flame (Second Performance) (Unnamed School)