The Latest…(June 2019)

The Music Department of Nauset High School is presently looking at proposed itineraries for several destinations. Many students and parents have suggested we look abroad for the trip for this coming academic year. We have, thus far, received itineraries for: England (and Scotland), Ireland, and France. Each destination has some great experiences and performance proposed. Each trip is priced somewhat differently based on airfare costs, and the country taxes, etc. In the coming days, we will post each itinerary and projected cost. In return, we ask that students and parents indicate their preferences. In order to move forward, it is important we have a realistic idea of the number of students that will be participating. Your opinion very much matters in this process. Once posted, please respond to the survey or- better yet, attend our monthly boosters’ meetings to express your opinions and help with the planning. We are striving to be receptive and attempt to hear all voices in this large undertaking. Thank you.

Spring Trip Summary

Nearly every academic year, the Nauset High School Music Department takes on some big challenges and adventures.  Next year is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year!  Special performance opportunities are already scheduled.  Fund raising opportunities are already in place (see the boosters' page).  Our Spring trips are educational, bonding, and extraordinary learning opportunities.  In the recent past, we have performed in Dublin Ireland, Montreal, Quebec, New York City, NY, Boston, MA, Annapolis, MD, Philadelphia, PA and many other venues. Stand-out performances from 2017/2018 include performances at the Cobb County Concert Hall in Georgia (as well as at 30,000 feet on a JetBlue airliner)

Spring Trip Cycle

  • The Music Department has established a four-year cycle in their spring trips. This ensures every student has similar opportunities for travel and experiences. We are presently in year one of the cycle. If year three is a particularly ambitious goal, we opt for no trip the previous year to allow students/parents/boosters two years for fund raising goals. Our last large trip was in 2015-2016 and we traveled throughout Ireland with 103 students and 10 adults. In the spring of 2018, our combined ensembles in our Music Department travelled to Atlanta Georgie to compete in WorldStrides Heritage Music Festivals. Each of our groups was highly rated and performed extremely well.

  • Our Four Year Travel Cycle…

    • 2017/2018: Year One: Large Domestic

    • 2018/2019: Year Two: Close by (NYC, BOS, Montreal, etc) or "Senior Trip"

    • 2019/2020: Year Three: Large Trip (Domestic or International?)

    • 2020/2021: Year Four: Close by (NYC, BOS, Montreal) or "Senior Trip".