Top Left to Bottom Right:

Jamie Guyon (2011) graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in music performance (voice) with a concentration on opera.  Jamie had appeared in many productions while at Ithaca College.

Nick Woodbury (2005) is a founding member of the percussion ensemble, Mantra.  He has performed internationally as a percussionist and is based in the San Francisco area.

Brad Conant (2008) is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (percussion).  He is earning a reputation as a respected drum instructor and drum line coach at three southeastern Massachusetts schools.  Brad is presently a percussion specialist and working with local student percussionists in sections such as Falmouth, MA.

Brandon Cordiero (2009) is a graduate of New England Conservatory in voice and is currently on a national tour of Camelot.  He has written and starred in his own one man show and can be seen performing in Provincetown in the summer.

Emily Faris (2012) graduated as a double major in music performance (cello) as well as music education from Ithaca College.  While at Nauset, Emily was also a member of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony.  Emily taught music in Somerset Massachusetts for a year, but is now a free-lance musician based in LA.

Alex Nelson (2012) graduated from Northwestern University and studying music performance (bassoon).  While at Nauset, Alex was a member of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony, accepted to the prestigious Tanglewood Institute and was featured on the NPR radio show "From the Top". 

Lily Mae Harrington (2011) has also gone on to Hollywood from Nauset High School.  She was a featured performer on the Glee Project back in 2012/2013. Lily is currently working on her singing as well as acting.

Meghan O'Connor (2008) is a graduate of Rhode Island College in Music Education and now currently a general music teacher at Barnstable High School.

The Parkington Sisters (various years) have continued to play music together and have made a name for themselves.  In addition to playing often around the Cape and Islands, they have been featured as the opening act for the Dropkick Murphys.

Kareem Sanjaghi (2007) was a drummer/percussionist in the Nauset High School Jazz Band, Concert Band and Percussion Ensemble.  Kareem has continued to play with many renown musicians such as Tony Bennett, Tony Orlando,  Lou Colombo and many more. He is a working professional drummer based on Cape Cod.

Emily VanRyswood (2017) is now a member of the UConn Marching Band- a proud Husky.  Emily is majoring in Music Education at the University of Connecticut and is continuing honing her trumpet skills. 

Not pictured:

Abby Pollock (2016) Is presently attending the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford.  Abby is continuing her fine alto saxophone studies while majoring in Music Education at Hartt.

Joy Pye (2016) is majoring in Music Education at Salve Regina College in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Ben Colgan (2016) is majoring in Music Education and math(!) at Boston College. Ben is and was active in Music Theatre during his time at Nauset and this continues at BC.

Julian Petrallia (2015), after graduating from Nauset, has moved north and west to study Music Performance (organ) at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

Saskia Keller (2014) is completing a double-major degree from Harvard University. Saskia will be graduating with degrees in musicology and arts history and has just been awarded a Knox scholarship to study in Edinburg, Scotland next year to continue her studies in musicology.  She remains an active cellist specializing in Baroque music.

Carolynn Walker (2013) and Sherley Ann Belleus (2013) are graduating with degrees in music performance (voice) at Ithaca College.

Marjorie O'Reilly (2013) is a graduate of Anna Maria College receiving a degree in music therapy.

Stephen Gomez (2012) was a performance major at Ithaca College (trumpet) and is currently continuing his music education and concentration on conducting and music theory and Indiana University. 

Nick Suchecki (2011) is graduate of Berklee College of Music in Music Performance (tenor sax).

Austin Smith (2010), and Sam Woodbury (2009) both went on from Nauset to the Berklee School of Music in Boston and majored in music performance on the guitar.  Both are continuing to be active performers (Sam in New Orleans) and (Austin in MA) .

Megan Ogden (2009) attended the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford majoring in music performance (flute) as well as music education.  She has graduated and is now a music teacher in the Greater Hartford area.

Alyssa Faris (2008) majored in music performance (voice) at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.  She is now attending Georgetown Law School concentrating on copyright law and intellectual property and how music and the law interact.

Alexandra El-Bayeh (2008) also majored in music performance (bassoon) at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.  She also continued on to Law School (American University) and is also concentrating on the interaction of music and law. 

Chloe Johnson (2008) majored in music performance at Bangor University (England) and went on to receive her masters degree in vocal music from the University of York. Chloe has also received a professional certificate in artist management from the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Sam Ericsson (2008) graduated from Nauset and proceeded on to the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music. Last year he received his master's degree from that institution in music performance (cello).  Sam is now playing cello in Japan.

Charlie Gregson (2008) went on to UMass Lowell to further his study in music performance (piano) and composition.

Devon Nelson (2008) continued on from Nauset to Boston University and majored in music performance (bassoon) and has recently finished her master's degree in music education.  She is presently a music educator in the Newtown Public Schools.

Scott Edwards (2006) attended Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford.  He majored in acoustical engineering and is now a practicing acoustical engineer.

Beth Boleyn (2005) graduated from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford having majored in music performance (viola).  She has gone on to join the New World Symphony Orchestra as an Executive Assistant working closely with conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas.

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